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93 percent of women expect men to make the first move
Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:37am

"Today, are women asking men out on first dates? No."


    • the courting rituals. That has been usual in all societies, at all times, in all places. DFM
      • And...HeavyHemi, Sun Oct 16 5:03pm
        grabbing them by the genitals is all part of your approved courting rituals...along with cheating on your spouse and bragging about what a success you are at cheating. How can any person claiming any ... more
        • There's no playbook. There is no genetic memory. Men have to learn how to do this. Risky actions like asking a girl out on a first date is often only undertaken with the encouragement of peers. It is ... more
          • TestTest, Fri Dec 9 12:22pm
          • Neat.HeavyHemi, Mon Oct 17 3:25pm
            I've never in my life heard anyone bragging about sexually assaulting a woman or bragging about cheating on his wife with (several) married women. You apparently don't like women or respect them... more
            • the women were doing at the time. Were they making out with him? Why didn't they complain before? Maybe they are playing the part of "lady scorned" or something. It happens. IMO it was "guy talk"... more
              • I see, you alone ask the 'important questions'...HeavyHemi, Tue Oct 18 6:14pm
                You come off as a bit butt hurt then claim I'm offended. You're truly the internet Magic 8 Ball. You seem to have forgotten Trump specifically bragged about being able to do it because he was a... more
                • BahNews Junkie, Tue Oct 18 6:43pm
                  I'm sure lots of people use similarly un-PC expressions in private as Trump did. And if they don't say 'em, they think 'em. I have to admit Trump must have known he was wearing a microphone - it was... more
                  • Another version...HeavyHemi, Wed Oct 19 12:29am
                    You must hang out with a different crowd since you hear this sort of stuff all the time. Then... the lame PC claim. It suggests to me you're just disagreeing for the sake of being 'edgy'. Ho hum.
                    • DudeNews Junkie, Wed Oct 19 1:05pm
                      Refer to my post that started this thread. There are protocols for male-female interaction. But not everyone gets it right. And the protocols for male-male interaction are A LOT different from the... more
                      • Dude...HeavyHemi, Wed Oct 19 1:37pm
                        You said basically nothing. Who isn't aware that some people say stupid shit? However who isn't aware that bragging about being able to sexually assault a woman because you're rich and famous, is... more
                        • Because feminism is to the detriment of menNews Junkie, Wed Oct 19 2:19pm
                          Pretending that Trump was doing something criminal, or even abnormal, is wrong. He can't change the fact that he's a man. Not sure where you're coming from. Your responses seem like the "high road".... more
                          • Like I said, your real life...HeavyHemi, Wed Oct 19 4:58pm
                            seems to differ from everyone else I know. You're not making a point at all. You're trying to claim it's that that Trump is a sexist pig, it others are too sensitive. Not sure where you're coming... more
                            • Sex itself is sexist. What are you going to do? (nm)News Junkie, Wed Oct 19 7:58pm
                              • Was that supposed to mean something?HeavyHemi, Thu Oct 20 12:46am
                                Are you trying to claim that only men should wield the power in a relationship? Maybe it's just you and those you hang around with who are sexist. What am I supposed to do about the way you think?
                                • Read my original postNews Junkie, Thu Oct 20 1:39pm
                                  93 percent of women expect men to take the lead in relationships. How is that not sexist? Are you claiming that only men can be sexist?
                                  • Yawn.HeavyHemi, Thu Oct 20 4:31pm
                                    Repeating yourself is not helping. You're trying to defend Trump being a pig and boasting about abusing women. That women expect men to ask them out has no relationship to Trump claiming he just... more
                                    • You are utterly failing to comprehendNews Junkie, Thu Oct 20 9:32pm
                                      the cause-and-effect relationship between 93 percent of women (that's not just a slim majority, that's nearly ALL women) expecting men to take the lead, and a sexualized culture of male behavior.... more
      • I remember one girl when I was a teenagerNews Junkie, Wed Oct 19 3:34pm
        who frowned at me just for asking if I could borrow an eraser, or maybe it was white-out. Somehow she got the wrong impression.
      • Probably to someNews Junkie, Sat Oct 15 4:19pm
        How would men know if their advances are "unwanted" if they don't try? I sympathize with Trump. He's being the man women expect him to be and taking withering criticism for it publicly. From women.... more
        • "He's being the man women expect him to be..."HeavyHemi, Mon Oct 17 3:26pm
          Apparently not according to his wife and daughters.
          • He's been divorced beforeNews Junkie, Tue Oct 18 6:55pm
            and his current wife knows it. He nevertheless had enough mojo to reel her in regardless. I imagine they just bury whatever feelings they have about the negative side of his personality (which isn't... more
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