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Mondo Fuego™
Vote with your wallet.
Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:35am

I quit buying stuff from because its CEO also owns the Washington Post, a radical leftwing tabloid that has outdone itself in trying to sway this election. Also, I quit buying from Staples because Mitt Romney, the political turncoat, is a major owner. Vote with your wallet.

    • Send the following to the NFL at this address: Or comment on his website at:... more
    • AgreedBlather, Sat Oct 15 2:55pm
      Amazon is a giant sucking sound. A huge beast of a retail monopoly. I avoid purchasing from there. But, is there anyplace left that is not part of the matrix whoredom?
      • eBay is pure Democracy and Free Market in action ...Mondo Fuego™, Sun Oct 16 8:30am
        ... where willing sellers and buyers freely exchange goods and services. The Feedback System keeps everyone honest. If someone tries to pull a fast one, the "system" makes you whole. I have done... more
        • A recommendation for books:Poppet, Tue Oct 18 6:58am
          Powell's City of Books here in Portland, very probably the largest brick-and-mortar bookstore in the world, has a very well-regarded online store, too. They are particularly good at digging up... more
          • Oh, crap...sorry, Ken.Poppet, Tue Oct 18 7:00am
            I just violated the DNR. Realized a fraction of a second after I hit "Post Reply." For my part, I don't need this DNR any longer; Mondo and I have mended fences pretty well. If he's amenable, I'd... more
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