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Pedestrian arrested for walking on street (video).
Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:48pm

Apparently the sidewalk was closed for construction, so the pedestrian walked on the side of the street and a cop stopped him.

Before we had cars, it used to be legal to walk on all roads. Now that we have cars, pedestrians are confined to sidewalks.

Some people think the cop was being racist. I think it's an example of a car based culture where drivers have more rights than walkers.

    • What direction was he walking? As recall from my pedestrian days, a pedestrian is REQUIRED to walk facing traffic, while a cyclist is required to ride WITH traffic. So, which was he doing? Do you... more
      • If someone is walking on the sidewalk, they can go either direction and don't need to face traffic. If someone is walking on the sidewalk and comes to an obstruction, I don't know what the law says... more
        • It isn't shown...Sprout, Tue Oct 18 11:04am
          But his rude behavior MAY have started before his interaction with the officer. Perhaps by walking in the street in front of a vehicle that he didn't know was a cop. IMO it isn't about whether a... more
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