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eMail Riddle Solved
Thu Nov 3, 2016 11:20pm

Amid all the fuss about eMails, a lot of us may have overlooked the real reason Hillary used her own illegal, unsecure eMail server, a federal crime in and of itself, but only the tip of the iceberg. Ready? Ta-Daa! Hillary used her private eMail server to conduct pay-to-play solicitations and meetings for the crooked Clinton Foundation and BillyBob's half-million-dollar-each speaking engagements so the messages would not show up on official authorized, secure government eMail servers. Huma was busy collecting the messages on her device, and pedophile Weiner was busy capturing it all on his ped-o-laptop, probably as some kind of strategic bargaining tool in the event needed to battle and/or blackmail his estranged wife, Huma. Now, do the puzzle pieces fit together?

    • There also is the espionage angled Blather, Fri Nov 4 7:46am
      specifically regarding Weiner, and perhaps "less" with Huma. That angle, if discovered would be the crux that would be the coup de gras that would terminate Hillary as suitable for the position of... more
      • Insurance and wet job.Blather, Sun Nov 6 6:08am
        Insurance to keep from being murdered, to avoid becoming a wet job. I looked up the definition of wet job. There is not much wiggle room around the reality of its common historical interpretation.... more
    • Moreover, Huma Abedin doesn't have a high-level security clearance. If Clinton sent classified documents to her in any of those emails, well...that's a felony. But she'll still skate. The laws only... more
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