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There also is the espionage angled
Fri Nov 4, 2016 7:46am

specifically regarding Weiner, and perhaps "less" with Huma. That angle, if discovered would be the crux that would be the coup de gras that would terminate Hillary as suitable for the position of Queen Wannabe of Great Babylon.

  • eMail Riddle SolvedMondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 3 11:20pm
    Amid all the fuss about eMails, a lot of us may have overlooked the real reason Hillary used her own illegal, unsecure eMail server, a federal crime in and of itself, but only the tip of the iceberg. ... more
    • There also is the espionage angled — Blather, Fri Nov 4 7:46am
      • Insurance and wet job.Blather, Sun Nov 6 6:08am
        Insurance to keep from being murdered, to avoid becoming a wet job. I looked up the definition of wet job. There is not much wiggle room around the reality of its common historical interpretation.... more
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