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NOT STUPID, "closed minded"
Sat Nov 5, 2016 7:11am

You are all hung up on the physical world and can't se the Spiritual World which is infinitely greater:. You are also confused by poor brain memory and don't appreciate the Memory of the Soul. You said you read some NDE but you won't tell me about them. Try reading Life After Life for example.

NDE are verified in a way by FDE/SDE, Read a good book on Death Bed Visions. Talk to a doctor about them. Have you asked your doctor about NDE? CHANCES are he knows about them. I have not talked to a dr. who did not believe in them and don't tell me they are natural because there is no way they can be natural though I will ask doctors about that possibility next week.

The Spiritual World is SO VAST it is impossible to get a grasp on them. You need to read some Baha'i Writitings and talk to some Baha'is and ask tough questions. That is how I learned and you can learn,

I had to be convinced by FACTS not faith. You probably don't remember my proofs of Jesus which you rejected because they violated rules of logic but that does not disprove.

"My whole life flashed before my eyes" is a cliché because it happens with FDE. That is Life Reviews. Read Wikipedia and see about Life Review. They happen ...............

My Spiritual Mother had several NDE. I have many ADC and a friend had SDe. so this is al real to me. because it is not real to you does not make it unreal. Talk to Baha'is and doctors.

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