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NO, the patient explains what he saw like the
Sat Nov 5, 2016 4:58pm

nurse removing his dentures and later the nurse forgot where she put them so he explained it was in the crash cart drawer which is a fact. In fact, she didn't re recognize him but he recognized her. You are all hung up on the physical realm. Go to Baha'i meetings and see the Spiritual World. I live there. All of my friends dPeople Born Blind Can See During a Near-Death Experience

By Kevin Williams

Vicki Umipeg, a forty-five year old blind woman, was just one of the more than thirty persons that Dr. Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper interviewed at length during a two-year study just completed concerning near-death experiences of the blind. The results of their study appear in their newest book Mindsight. Vicki was born blind, her optic nerve having been completely destroyed at birth because of an excess of oxygen she received in the incubator. Yet, she appears to have been able to see during her NDE. Her story is a particularly clear instance of how NDEs of the congenitally blind can unfold in precisely the same way as do those of sighted persons. As you will see, apart from the fact that Vicki was not able to discern color during her experience, the account of her NDE is absolutely indistinguishable from those with intact visual systems. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Ring's latest book reprinted by permission.

Vicki told Dr. Ring she found herself floating above her body in the emergency room of a hospital following an automobile accident. She was aware of being up near the ceiling watching a male doctor and a female nurse working on her body, which she viewed from her elevated position. Vicki has a clear recollection of how she came to the realization that this was her own body below her. The following is her experience.

"I knew it was me ... I was pretty thin then. I was quite tall and thin at that point. And I recognized at first that it was a body, but I didn't even know that it was mine initially.

"Then I perceived that I was up on the ceiling, and I thought, 'Well, that's kind of weird. What am I doing up here?'

"I thought, 'Well, this must be me. Am I dead? ...'

"I just briefly saw this body, and ... I knew that it was mine because I wasn't in mine."

In addition, she was able to note certain further identifying features indicating that the body she was observing was certainly her own.

"I think I was wearing the plain gold band on my right ring finger and my father's wedding ring next to it. But my wedding ring I definitely saw ... That was the one I noticed the most because it's most unusual. It has orange blossoms on the corners of it."


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