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It is PROOF!
Sun Nov 6, 2016 4:43am

VERIFIED EVENTS ARE PROOF, physical evidence is not the only evidence. Why are you hung up on physical evidence? It can be forged like the fake fossil. We have TONS of verified evidence from several studies. That is PROBATIVE! So, you need to accept it.

We have doctors who did NOT BELIEVE in NDE UNTIL THEY HAD THEM. Same for nurses! The fact is we have NDE which are proven by FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC none of which can be explained naturally.

You admit that NDE happen but you say they are not supernatural but you can't explain them. NDE/FDE/SDE ALL INVOLVE OBE. You can't explain how they happened naturally. Then we have DEATH BED VISIONS BY THE MILLIONS. There is no natural explanation for them. I had a very dear friend who had one. She saw the Blessed Bab coming to take her to Heaven.

And we have After Death Communications which I have many of them. And you think you have natural explanation for all of that? There is ONE EXPLANATION: THE SOUL! It is the most obvious and simplest explanation. And they are in tune with all the Death Experiences. All require Souls in the next world.

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