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Human memories are essential to being human.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 5:51am

And these are utilized in court testimony to convict or not. If one is not dead, but clinically dead, one can still have a reliable memory of the experience upon regaining consciousness. I posted above about Beating Heart Corpses. Clearly, aside from the Schivo political circus, there are those who are "dead" but who twitch when the scalpel starts the process of "harvesting" organs. Should these "corpses" be anesthetized? Indeed, the "dead" in such a program are kept whole, given great medical care, in order to have the freshest organs possible for the recipient right up to the time of organ transfer to Dick Cheney. I really think the definition of dead should be when the body begins to decay and stink. Indeed, from a personal aspect, I looked up images of exhumations....not something to relish. But, getting up in years, I have to consider my own disposal. And the issue was whether to be cremated or interred. After my romp among the ghouls, and the disgusting corpses in various stages of rot, my preferred choice is to be quickly cremated, hopefully fully deceased with no possibility of one of jb's nightmare NDE's.

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