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Insurance and wet job.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 6:08am

Insurance to keep from being murdered, to avoid becoming a wet job. I looked up the definition of wet job. There is not much wiggle room around the reality of its common historical interpretation. The question is who was rubbed out. Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would observe the absolute breakdown of morals such as are revealed in the Wikileak documents. Everyone is subject to lapses in moral judgement. But these people have made an art form out of pure malfeasance. Julian Assange, his motives not necessarily pure of heart, certainly has done a great favor to the People's understanding/enlightenment about how these operators conduct OUR political processes. As an aside, there is much speculation on the net that he is no longer at the Ecuadorian Embassy in london, but within a brief 5 minute time frame, was snatched up, a bag over his head, and quickly placed into a waiting van. He has not been see at his window balcony for several weeks.

  • There also is the espionage angled Blather, Fri Nov 4 7:46am
    specifically regarding Weiner, and perhaps "less" with Huma. That angle, if discovered would be the crux that would be the coup de gras that would terminate Hillary as suitable for the position of... more
    • Insurance and wet job. — Blather, Sun Nov 6 6:08am
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