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"materal logic" = oxymoron
Sun Nov 6, 2016 2:28pm

Once again, you demonstrate your staggering ignorance of logic. Logic (of any sort) has nothing whatsoever to do with material phenomena, directly. The operations of logic are analytic, not synthetic. They can be applied to propositions about phenomena, but not directly to the phenomena themselves.

"Spiritual" anything is metaphoric at best, irrational twaddle at worst. There is no such actual thing as "spiritual logic," and the quotes you post as examples aren't logic, they're assertions of fact, exhortations, metaphors, etc. They may or may not be logical, but they are not logic. You don't realize this (despite it having been pointed out to you ad nauseam), because as you have once again demonstrated, you don't even know what logic is

  • I have given examples of Spiritual Logic. Material logic is based on material considerations and Spiritual Logic is based on Spiritual considerations. To see the Kingdom you must be born again... more
    • "materal logic" = oxymoron — Poppet, Sun Nov 6 2:28pm
      • DFM, Poppetjb, Sun Nov 6 4:22pm
        Free Will is the ability to do what one wants but it is limited by God. Poppet, OKAY, I will throw in the towel and say "Materially and Spiritually Logical." Does that make you happy? I AM NOT A... more
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