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DFM, Poppet
Sun Nov 6, 2016 4:22pm

Free Will is the ability to do what one wants but it is limited by God.

Poppet, OKAY, I will throw in the towel and say "Materially and Spiritually Logical." Does that make you happy?

I AM NOT A PHILOSOPHER! I use the dictionary. You might try that to mingle with the little people. But, Spiritual is Real whether you recognize it or not, it is not metaphorical at all. I know what logic is according to the dictionary not according to philosophy classes which I never wasted my time in. I never wasted my time in theology either. I am glad you did.

  • "materal logic" = oxymoronPoppet, Sun Nov 6 2:28pm
    Once again, you demonstrate your staggering ignorance of logic. Logic (of any sort) has nothing whatsoever to do with material phenomena, directly. The operations of logic are analytic , not... more
    • DFM, Poppet — jb, Sun Nov 6 4:22pm
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