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Christopher Blackwell
More people agree with you? Based on what facts.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 5:09pm


Even most religious people are fairly ignorant about their religion. So I would question the idea that they know any more about the spiritual world than the nonreligious. One can be spiritual without being religious, and one can be religious without being spiritual. You are something of a pompuss ass with all of your phoney claims of knowledge that you clearly do not have.

  • It would take volumes to explain. jb, Sun Nov 6 12:26pm
    I'm not fooling anyone, especily myself. You are both ignoring the Spiritual World. You ignore the Spiritual World. The Gold Standakrd is for money. There are more people who agree with me than you... more
    • More people agree with you? Based on what facts. — Christopher Blackwell, Sun Nov 6 5:09pm
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