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There is a difference between authorative personalities
Mon Nov 7, 2016 10:21am

(you) and an expert (jb). Tis true, you have credentials, and very impressive. For some time I have thought you might be Marsha McNutt incognito. Virtual reality is so unfair, and unkind, so dry. We seek a reading, it's automatic, of board personas, feeling each other up in stilted fashion. No visual, no auditory, no physical evidenced locale that would allow for that 3-D by which one could wrap around to reveal more than what mere ephemeral words convey. Being on a discussion board comes close to being an act of "faith." Maybe it's a NDE for all the reality gone missing. I will not list my credentials here in the silicon silo. Trust me, it would serve no good to I'll advise myself. Silicon IS the flat earth society and I which to be fully dimensional.

  • PhD (from a very, very good school), publication credits in my current field (philosophy of science), publications in my academic specialty (semiotics). Numerous academic awards, including a couple... more
    • There is a difference between authorative personalities — Blather, Mon Nov 7 10:21am
      • Good job I wasn't drinkingBob the builder, Tue Nov 8 10:41am
        or I would have spat my tea all over my laptop. bauer, an expert? That is at the same time, the funniest, the saddest and the most delusional thing ever posted on this board.
      • Nothing to do with "personalities."Poppet, Mon Nov 7 11:20am
        Mine is "difficult" (shall we say...). That has jack to do with my expertise, some of which is at the core of some of the discussion here (logic and the nature of proof). Bauer is expert at,... more
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