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Taking it further
Mon Nov 7, 2016 6:42pm

What about people who have an artificial heart, or artificial lungs, or require dialysis, or have other vital organs that are transplanted from someone who just died. Are they alive or dead? Are they the same person? Are they someone else? Are they a multiple people? Or are they just a biomechanical robot running on stored memories and reflex whose soul has long since departed?

Where do you define "death"?

  • Apparently, near death and clinical death...HeavyHemi, Mon Nov 7 6:21pm
    are the same thing for the purposes of the argument. While near death, and clinical death are not the same thing in reality. Welcome to 'belief based logic' where your beliefs are logical proofs or... more
    • Are you an MDBlather, Tue Nov 8 8:36pm
      If not then who are you to state the two are the same? NDE is when the patient is glued to the ceiling. And returns to the tuner to give a report. Clinical death is in reality a virtual death, only... more
    • Taking it further — News Junkie, Mon Nov 7 6:42pm
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