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Tue Nov 8, 2016 1:02am

Where do you call "dead".... "dead" ? Usually when the brain is dead

Is it when loss of consciousness occurs? NO, but when conscious is lost, the brain does not function properly and memory before and after is lost.

Is it when the vital signs (breathing, heartbeat) stop? That is Clinical Death but revival is possible and we can have NDE but consciousness is NOT LOST during NDE and MEMORY IS NOT LOST UNLESS the brain is unconscious, for example due to head injury but it is quickly regained unlike the norm. In other words, one remembers what happens no matter what from the time conscious is lost through the NDE. IN FACT, the memory is HYPER MEMORY and is ACUTE FOR DECADES.

Is it when brain activity stops? NO, IT IS WHEN THE BRAIN DIES. The brain stops functioning during Clinical Death.

Is it an hour after one of the above? Or 24 hours? It depends on many factors. One can be in a coma for years and retain memory.

If someone is "brought back" from one of the above states, is that person alive or undead? What if that person has brain damage - is that person fully alive, partially alive, partially dead, fully dead, or something else? Yes, s/he is alive but may be handicapped.

I hope that is clear. NDE changes many things expected under normal unconsciousness. MEMORY IS ACUTE, vision and hearing continue. That is not normal so doctors can know there is NDE.

What does one so learn-ed about death, as yourself, judge to be the defining moment of death?

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