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DFM, Poppet
Tue Nov 8, 2016 1:30am

It is impossible to lie or be wrong to a doctor, they DO KNOW quickly when one is lying or wrong.

Visions happen in the MINDS, SEE DEFINITION OF MIND. I have had many visions, and auditory AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATIONS but they are not hallucinations or imaginations and they changed my life. I have described some of them. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. You might as well discuss a conversation in Polish. They ARE SUPERNATURAL. LIS, they changed my life, so how can you explain them? I was told to work with handicapped children and to go to Honduras in visions. There is NO ERROR there. I have had many others. It is a gift you can't understand but you can show respect, or maybe you are not capable of respect for those who disagree with you and are right. The odd thing about ADC is they don't seem odd at all but seem quite normal. It is just part of my life. I was contemplating going to Honduras and a voice said, "Two doors are open." I was contemplating working with handicapped children and a voice said, "If they can live their whole lives with handicaps surely you can spend one hour with them." Those were 30 years ago and I remember them like they were this morning.

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