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My prediction, Bible based.
Tue Nov 8, 2016 7:10am

No matter who wins, the NWO will gamble its blunder with the lives of 338,000,000 Babylonians. These PNAC Zionist Neocon Zealots, still pissed at Putin for failing to let them run amuck in Russia where these Israeli-first thieves looted hundred of billions of rubles at the time of the Soviet devolvement. Putin made out, too, and is very very rich. He turned on those who thought he would be easier to handle. The other factor is PNAC and the other policy papers drawn up in Israel and Washington that planned and nearly achieved the total takeover of ME targeted nations has been dealt a major setback. Russia (GOG) has intervened to stop Assad's overthrow by ISIS. Syria is one of those targeted nations. Oops, what to do, oh me oh my. Well, go after Russia. Impose economic sanctions, recreate the Russian enemy, and utilize NATO to move men and equipment, including missles right up to Russia's front door. Israel interests, the moles and agents running Babylon's deep state and her military industrial complex, cannot checkmate the real prize, Iran, unless attention is turned onto GOG. And so, as we can see, the beast of Babylon threatens to make war upon Russia. Go read the Zionist inspired Wolfowitz Doctrine for a further elucidation. And the loons who gamble with our lives talk of a preemptive strike. Uh...excuse me nut cases, but this huge bear, armed to the teeth with very very destructive nukes by the thousands, is not Ronald Raygun's Liliputian Grenada, nor Haiti, Panama, Nicaraqua, Serbia, Columbia ad nauseum. NOoooo, this is a nation that can utterly destroy every city and some more here in the land of make believe, an utter removal of Babylon into a distant memory, to be no more, ever. The 9-11 Con set the opening act to lead the brain dead audience into this quagmire. Russia might decide to strike first for reasons of miscalculations by either. These ZioCons want Russia to blink. They gamble and we sit here like the fools we are allowing this game of chicken with us inside the "dragster" with all doors locked to continue ithe ever more insane rolling of the dice. Because the Bible is the Word of God, and prophecy states Mystery Babylon will be wiped off the map, swept clean by a "broom," my prediction is no matter who wins the Black House, the Zionists are so thoroughly entrenched with Babylon utter subsumed to Israeli interests, they are as capable of igniting our nuclear destruction as they were in planning and executing 9-11. The fall of Babylon is imminent. The unthinkable has arrived.

  • My political predictionMoishe, Mon Nov 7 3:09pm
    Popular vote: Clinton 47.8%, Trump 41.2% Electoral College: Clinton at least 375
    • My political pronouncementMondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 4:59am
      Ding! Dong! The wicked witch is dead. Donald Trump is our next President. Whooopppeeee!
    • My prediction...Pud, Tue Nov 8 10:39am
      I will consume a volume of alcohol tonight exceeding the total I have consumed over the past 312 days of 2016.
    • My prediction Roy, Tue Nov 8 10:20am
      Hillary wins. I'm starting to think that there may not ever be another republican president. Democrats get a large part of the white vote and basically owns the black and Hispanic vote.
    • I'm predicting...Poppet, Tue Nov 8 8:00am
      ...we're going to get an exceptionally terrible president...a prediction I make with complete confidence.
      • Unfortunately, you're rightMoishe, Wed Nov 9 2:56am
        As a Canadian, I'm absolutely appalled that you have elected as your president a thoughtless, ignorant clown. While I feel quite sad for the future of your country, I'm most fearful for future of the ... more
        • I've a wee bit of anger this morning.Poppet, Wed Nov 9 5:13am
          Not at Trump voters, who voted their conscience, I'm presuming. But I will never, ever forgive the venal, corrupt DNC for their finger on the scales in the primary. Their bias for their insider... more
          • Just my opinion, of course ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 6:49am
            ... I liked Bernie far, far more than Ol' Crooked Hil, but I think he lost a lot of moral stature when he sold out and supported the wicked witch after she and the DNC screwed him. It's not just the... more
            • I was disappointed with him for that, too.Poppet, Wed Nov 9 7:07am
              But I do understand (if reluctantly): he was fighting to retain any kind of voice in the Senate at that point. A Trump victory wouldn't likely change that position, but a Clinton victory after he'd... more
              • Speaking of "satellites of the Clinton campaign" ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 7:16am
                ... they even had "Aunt Jemima" serving up debate questions a la carte to Ol' Crooked Hil behind Bernie's trusting back, and CNN consulting with the DNC to cook up a pilaf of poison debate questions... more
      • If Ol' Crooked Hil wins ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 8 10:02am
        ... the nation will be irreconcilably divided. Staunch conservatives will never accept that criminal. We will do everything we possibly can to make her life miserable. There's just no accepting her.... more
        • We're divided either way, I'd say.Poppet, Tue Nov 8 11:25am
          I don't expect Trump to win, and I'm okay with that, really...I don't consider him presidential material in terms of character. My views on Hillary are well known (that is, a venal, warmongering... more
          • Well stated!Blather, Tue Nov 8 12:14pm
            My sense of the hour, too. I read a recent study about how most of these driven politicians and corporate over achievers are a bunch of psychopaths having most of the discernible traits that define... more
        • Are you advocating treason?Blather, Tue Nov 8 10:45am
          Whichever one wins, in case you have forgotten, IS President. And like it or not we the people have to support the charade. We cannot have glum troublemakers tearing down the national vitality. The... more
      • I'm worriedPureStevil, Tue Nov 8 8:06am
        setting the bar that "high" may set us up for disappointment.
    • My prediction, Bible based. — Blather, Tue Nov 8 7:10am
    • My Prediction...Amadeus, Tue Nov 8 6:55am
      Popular vote: Clinton 48.2% and Trump 45% EC vote: Clinton 302 and Trump 236 (unless Ohio breaks for Clinton, in which case, Clinton 320, Trump 218) Amadeus
    • My prediction....SES, Mon Nov 7 8:22pm
      Hillary wins by a landslide in the Electoral College, although many of the States are VERY close. Several States have to do recounts. Trump graciously a day or two.
    • My political prediction ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 7 8:20pm
      Margaret Trudeau will screw Mick Jagger in a toilet stall in Orly Airport in Paris.
    • MineNews Junkie, Mon Nov 7 5:21pm
      CNN will run their headline in extra large all-caps font, one of either "CATASTROPHE" if Trump wins, or "FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT" if Clinton wins. Or something along those lines. All the news networks ... more
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