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Two memories are just as worthless as one memory. (nm)
Tue Nov 8, 2016 7:25am

  • in many cases and those mean a great deal. The patient REMEMBERS what he saw and heard WHILE DEAD. That is VERY SIGNIFICANT AND LASTS DECADES. You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE GOING ON ABOUT.
    • Two memories are just as worthless as one memory. (nm) — DFM, Tue Nov 8 7:25am
      • DFM, SEVERAL POINTSjb, Tue Nov 8 10:01pm
        1. There are doctors and nurses and they all have the same memory. You don't understand NDE memory which is very exact and long lasting. 2. My cousin was clinically dead from twisted colon. She was... more
      • Haha:-))) (nm)Blather, Tue Nov 8 11:14am
      • memories, or what you are posting about. When doctors and patients have identical memories and the doctors and nurses preform the same actions habitually and the patient describes those actions and... more
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