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So doctors are perfect lie detectors? They are infallible?
Tue Nov 8, 2016 7:33am

This is what you said:

"It is impossible to lie or be wrong to a doctor, they DO KNOW quickly when one is lying or wrong."

This is clearly absurd, and the preposterous attribution of infallibility to physicians is at the root of your chronic errors in reasoning.

Doctors CANNOT tell any better that a person is lying than anyone else. Ask a physician how many of his patients have died because they lied to him/her, the physician believed the lie, and the patient received inappropriate treatment as a result.

Ask a physician how many times the physician has been misled with fatal results because the patient gave erroneous information and the doctor believed it.

Cemeteries are filled with the results of patients' lies and erroneous statements to their physicians.


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