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It's hard to disagree with your prediction. (nm)
Tue Nov 8, 2016 8:35am

  • I'm predicting...Poppet, Tue Nov 8 8:00am
    ...we're going to get an exceptionally terrible president...a prediction I make with complete confidence.
    • Unfortunately, you're rightMoishe, Wed Nov 9 2:56am
      As a Canadian, I'm absolutely appalled that you have elected as your president a thoughtless, ignorant clown. While I feel quite sad for the future of your country, I'm most fearful for future of the ... more
      • I've a wee bit of anger this morning.Poppet, Wed Nov 9 5:13am
        Not at Trump voters, who voted their conscience, I'm presuming. But I will never, ever forgive the venal, corrupt DNC for their finger on the scales in the primary. Their bias for their insider... more
        • Just my opinion, of course ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 6:49am
          ... I liked Bernie far, far more than Ol' Crooked Hil, but I think he lost a lot of moral stature when he sold out and supported the wicked witch after she and the DNC screwed him. It's not just the... more
          • I was disappointed with him for that, too.Poppet, Wed Nov 9 7:07am
            But I do understand (if reluctantly): he was fighting to retain any kind of voice in the Senate at that point. A Trump victory wouldn't likely change that position, but a Clinton victory after he'd... more
            • Speaking of "satellites of the Clinton campaign" ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 7:16am
              ... they even had "Aunt Jemima" serving up debate questions a la carte to Ol' Crooked Hil behind Bernie's trusting back, and CNN consulting with the DNC to cook up a pilaf of poison debate questions... more
    • If Ol' Crooked Hil wins ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 8 10:02am
      ... the nation will be irreconcilably divided. Staunch conservatives will never accept that criminal. We will do everything we possibly can to make her life miserable. There's just no accepting her.... more
      • We're divided either way, I'd say.Poppet, Tue Nov 8 11:25am
        I don't expect Trump to win, and I'm okay with that, really...I don't consider him presidential material in terms of character. My views on Hillary are well known (that is, a venal, warmongering... more
        • Well stated!Blather, Tue Nov 8 12:14pm
          My sense of the hour, too. I read a recent study about how most of these driven politicians and corporate over achievers are a bunch of psychopaths having most of the discernible traits that define... more
      • Are you advocating treason?Blather, Tue Nov 8 10:45am
        Whichever one wins, in case you have forgotten, IS President. And like it or not we the people have to support the charade. We cannot have glum troublemakers tearing down the national vitality. The... more
    • It's hard to disagree with your prediction. (nm) — shadow, Tue Nov 8 8:35am
    • I'm worriedPureStevil, Tue Nov 8 8:06am
      setting the bar that "high" may set us up for disappointment.
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