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THAT is YOU! claiming NDE are lies or mistakes or whatever
Tue Nov 8, 2016 10:57am

NDE are proved by testimony of Experiencer and verified by doctors and nurses. I explained this very carefully how memory is preserved in spite of death but you ignore that and go off on a bizarre tangent. I gave you verified NDE and you reject them based on your special pleading. LIS/FDE/SDE are very similar but you ignore them. And we have TONS of DBV and ADC of which I have had many but Poppet makes fun of my experiences even though they have things in common with NDE: communication by ESP not by voice.

AGAIN: When a person dies he should lose consciousness but he doesn't, he goes up to the ceiling or some high place where he can see what is happening. Oddly, he is not at all attached to his body. He goes toward a bright Light and feels an incredible Love. He has a Life Review and feels all the emotions he ever felt plus all the emotions he caused others to feel. Then he is told he has to go back or is given a choice. FDE/SDE are very similar but there is no death by the Experiencer.

Any witness can verify the experience, especially doctors and nurses who revive him. I don't know where you get special pleading, it is witness testimony.

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