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Dimona and JFK
Tue Nov 8, 2016 11:10am

Check it out. Search under what I headed above. Some very intriguing information not anywhere near generally known by the Babylonian People. There have been a plethora of books about the assassination. Some offer truth that when combined make for a reasonable part of an incomplete understanding. Other tomes and whodunits are written and published to sow contradictions and confusion, to lead a lay-researcher off into another rabbit hole, he or she thinking the case solved, case closed. Apparently the JFK murder shall never be completely resolved as to the motive(s) nor lead to the actual planners and executioners. Michael Collins Pipers revelatory book on the assassination points the finger squarely at the Mossad, it connections to Clay Shaw, Meyer Lansky, the New Orleans Trade Mart, Jack Ruby, Ben Gurian, and the Dimona project. Mr. Piper was born in 1960 and died under mysterious circumstances in 2015. And just who was garment merchant Abraham Zapruder? In a non-stretch of imaging a parallel, he is potentially an equivalent to the five high fiving dancing Israeli who were sent to NYC by Mossad to film their successful execution of the destruction of the Twins. The truth can be stranger than fiction.

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