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It's not a "bizarre tangent," you dunce. It's a fallacy .
Tue Nov 8, 2016 11:19am

You didn't even read the definition of "special pleading" DFM thoughtfully provided to your ignorant ass. Right there in plain language, the absolutely basic fallacy of logic you committed...and you pretend it's a "bizarre tangent." You don't get to substitute alternate or colloquial meanings of words when the previous context clearly demonstrates that a specific and different meaning in in play.

You're a fake, Johnny B. You pretend to be engaging in discussion and whine like a little kid when people are "insulting" to you...but your entire participation here is an insult not just to the rest of us, but to the entire concept of rational discourse. You may fool kind-hearted Ken (although I doubt it) and you may fool gullible twits like Blather, but you don't fool any of the rest of us.

Get help or get lost, troll.

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