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The Jew Jesus the Christ came back to life!
Tue Nov 8, 2016 12:06pm

Granted, he had not been embalmed, and he was not smelly. He was washed, peppered with herbs and spices, rubbed down with oils and mirth, wrapped in white linen, and placed into a spacious tomb which upon internment was sealed tight with a huge rounded rock of ages. They say guests and fish are similar in that after three days both stink. Anyway, after three days Jesus went missing. Everyone was perplexed. Had these doubting Thomases known their OT, they would have spotted the prophecies that predicted the entire episode from His birth, family profession, rejection by His own Neocons, the two thieve on each side, the spear stab and water, crucifixion, burial, AND Resurection, details details, ALL readable in the Hebrew OT. None of these participants perceived they were enacting prophecy. Just like our modern day Neocon Pharasies, Zealots, Zionists, and assorted dual connivers, who too are activating the near-last of the prophecies, these scurrying worry warts were unconscious that they were wrenching forward the gears of human history, a movement in the direction of unbelievable horrors until Jesus the Resurrected segues divinely into the existential suicidal mayhem to bring a screeching halt to the mess. That is the good news:-)

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