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Truth may be stranger than fiction, but paranoid ravings are
Tue Nov 8, 2016 12:26pm

stranger than EITHER.

This is the biggest pile of doggy-doo I have ever read from you.

You really need to do something about your paranoid delusions.


  • Dimona and JFKBlather, Tue Nov 8 11:10am
    Check it out. Search under what I headed above. Some very intriguing information not anywhere near generally known by the Babylonian People. There have been a plethora of books about the... more
    • Truth may be stranger than fiction, but paranoid ravings are — DFM, Tue Nov 8 12:26pm
      • Paranoid? How am I paranoid?Blather, Tue Nov 8 5:28pm
        This might have its root in understanding how Babylon's survival is threatened by Mossad penetration into every power position in the Federal Government. But I am of sound mind. Labeling me a... more
      • I do not make up this historyBlather, Tue Nov 8 5:02pm
        I spent two days boning up on this topic. Piper is dead and therefore you can't speak with him. But his book on matter is available.
      • I have never seen or even heardshadow, Tue Nov 8 1:06pm
        of the kind of stuff we find here. And I agree with you completely. Even 'paranoid ravings' sounds mild compared to the actual claims, imo.
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