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Paranoid? How am I paranoid?
Tue Nov 8, 2016 5:28pm

This might have its root in understanding how Babylon's survival is threatened by Mossad penetration into every power position in the Federal Government. But I am of sound mind. Labeling me a paranoid is a usual ploy. If this concept is such a surprising first time for you, maybe you might want to take time to study the "paranoid" concept. Certainly, the documents show just how freaked out Ben Gurian was, and the adamant May, 1963 Kennedy letter to him resulted in Ben Gurian resigning as prime minister. JFK was the cause for that. With LBJ installed the entire tenor turned 180 degrees regarding inspecting Dimona. The many documents indicate France provided much of the technology for the Ustaeli test. At the same time Israel was involved with China's efforts at obtaining the bomb. China tested a bomb in 1964 I believe. That bomb was said to have been an Israeli test in which the Chinese participated. But the official Israeli test was in 78 or 79. I don't make this up. Documents back up the assertions. The mob was not Italian controlled. The top leadership was Jewish. Las Vegas was their headquarter. Indeed, during those heady years, Las Vegas was the largest CIA station in the world outside of Langley. Gee, I wonder why.

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