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I posted not one comment that is untrue. They are linear.
Tue Nov 8, 2016 8:13pm

The personages interacted. The events are factual. The inferences are germane and logical. Nothing I posted was a shotgun method. It has never been publicly included in the JFK assassination debate what role, IF ANY, Israeli intelligence contributed to the plot. I have read many books on the assassination. I don't recall an Israeli connection mentioned ever. It was Jim Garrison who outed Clay Shaw and through that link he was connected via several segues with Mossad. Meyer Lansky has been revealed to have the same. The two characters I find interesting are the "bookends;" Zapruder filmed the entire scene at the beginning of the execution, and Ruby (Rubinfein) closed off the loose end by shooting the patsy. Ruby had connections to Lansky. Vannunu outed Dimona publicly and look how viciously he was treated by Israel... To this very day. Oh dear, another "friendly ally."

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