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Mondo Fuego™
Wed Nov 9, 2016 4:52am

Simple! People should stop screwing around.

  • "This is an alphabetical list of environmental issues, harmful aspects of human activity on the biophysical environment. As such, they relate to the anthropogenic effects on the natural environment,... more
    • Birth rates are falling.Ken C, Tue Nov 8 8:59pm
      I've seen some predictions of a coming population implosion due to lower birth rates. I'll try to post a link later.
      • It cannot happen too fast.DFM, Tue Nov 8 9:27pm
        Here are some official birth rate figures. DFM
        • This is a lot more graphic:Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 4:57am
 Average daily population growth: 231,000
          • Encourage Gay familiesBlather, Thu Nov 10 6:06am
            Encourage Gay stability as a family unit. Gays and Lesbians do not add to the population growth. Indeed, this leaves more resources and less competition for your straight kids. As a side benefit Gays ... more
          • Birth Rate Is STILL Far Too High.DFM, Wed Nov 9 5:01am
            For the proper population adjustment to take place, the birth rate must drop well below the death rate for several centuries. DFM
            • Ain't gon'na happen spontaneously ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 7:08am
              ... the birthrate in muzzyland is astronomical ... it's part of their plot to take over.
              • And it applies virtually worldwide IMO...Sprout, Thu Nov 10 6:35am
                Those with the LEAST ability to support children in terms of available resources are the MOST likely to have larger numbers... Those with the greatest ability to support children in terms of... more
                • gradually overwhelm the intelligent, so I expect that, in a million years or so, our descendants will be swinging from the trees by their tails. Predicted appearance of Homo stupidius DFM
                  • A sci-fi story from 1951Jeeves, Fri Nov 11 5:13am
                    C. M. Kornbluth, “The Marching Morons” Originally published in Galaxy Science Fiction April 1951 Included in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. Two for one of the best novellas up to 1965 and as... more
    • What would Wiki say? Blather, Tue Nov 8 8:26pm
      How would the population be reduced? I don't think the rulers are going to announce WW 3 as the planned cull. I notice nothing about Geoengineering and its ongoing program that is causing global... more
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