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Mondo Fuego™
What you "like" is your personal choice ...
Wed Nov 9, 2016 7:25am

... not a "universal one-size-fits-all truth".

In case you haven't noticed, we seem to be struggling to accommodate and assimilate our pre-muzzy diversity. Some people, including BoZoBama, think we still have a black/white problem. Then, there's the illegal immigration combined with illegal drugs problem.

Please try to remember that.

  • There are no odd types.Blather, Wed Nov 9 7:19am
    Unless you want to define your odd terminology to clarify and prove me wrong. I like diversity. I don't like open borders. And morals are of the heart. We shall see if a Trump is going to cut the... more
    • Disagree! If you are less than .01% of the populatoin ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 7:33am
      ... and you don't know where to pee, you are an "odd-type". I think we will live to see same-sex marriage as a fad and protest against convention rather than a real emotional and spiritual need, and... more
      • You will remain clueless.Blather, Wed Nov 9 8:05am
        First of all you skewer statistics. 1% you say? That is low balling reality. Second, you fail to understand that being Gay is not a choice for people born Gay. Of course your ilk want it to be a... more
        • Bigot? No. Just expressing my observations. I don't really care what the "odd-types" do as long as they don't shove it in my face, and there has been a lot of that in the past. You seem to be the one ... more
          • Okay, what has been shoved in your face?Blather, Thu Nov 10 5:57am
            Fair play? Equal access to employment? The right to marry? The right to expect Christians to be Christians?'s the bathroom issue. I remember growing up in apartheid Virginia way back... more
    • What you "like" is your personal choice ... — Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 7:25am
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