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Trump Is President (elect)...
Wed Nov 9, 2016 7:32am (XFF:

The last eight years, during the Obama administration, has seen America struggling to maintain forward progress in a world that has changed quickly and constantly. We made great strides as a nation. We did this in spite of the Republican Party's naked obstructionism. During this time, while many of us (perhaps a majority of us, depending on how the popular vote ends up) have embraced the promise of America's multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic make up, there has been a growing discontent from another group of people who are angry that they are not doing as well as they would like to be doing. Republicans seized this discontent, and hitched their political aspirations to xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and hate.

And they won.

This doesn't mean that all Republicans are those things. Most that I know aren't. But I have noticed that once Trump was seen as a legitimate candidate, a small subset of people I thought I knew started making statements that shocked me. They were angry, and they had been told that the target of their righteous fury should be Obama, the Democrats, and anything that smelled remotely like NOT US. Everything became the fault of the immigrants, who were simultaneously somehow stealing our jobs AND mooching off the welfare system. Others spoke up about how homosexuals should not only not have equality under the law, but they should be punished. And on down the line. These groups of people came out of the woodwork to vote for Trump. And they've been quite vocal in their celebrations thusfar.

I don't think this is what America was meant to be. Thankfully, given the demographic reality, I don't think that America will remain this way for long. I think this really was a remarkable, incredible last ditch heave of fear. And we'll see where that leads us, and we'll get through it and move forward again.

I opposed the Republican strategy of obstructionism on principle. That is not how our government is supposed to work. The filibuster exists for a reason. It was meant to provide a means for a large minority to check the power of a tyrannous majority. I didn't oppose the Republican use of the filibuster in general - I opposed their philosophy of how to use it. They were clear that they were using it to destroy any hope that Obama and the Democrats might do something GOOD for the country - something that would make it harder for Republicans to get elected in the future. They opposed everything. Not just overreach. They opposed legislation that they themselves had previously attempted to pass simply because it was offered again by the Democrats as parts of compromises.

So, I cannot support any effort by the Democrats to do the same. Our government needs to function. It cannot be about petty, partisan power plays.

But there are things that can and should be fillibustered: Any attempt to repeal the ACA without a legitimate, working replacement. Attacks on civil rights. Subversions of our political process.

One other thing that bothers me is the Supreme Court. I would really, really like to stand on principle here and encourage Democrats to be the better people - to do their jobs and set hearings for Trump's nominees. But this particular subversion must not be rewarded. The current opening must be staunchly defended until a nominee is offered that is acceptable. Future possible openings on the court? Unfortunately, the people voted for Trump, and as such, they will have to suffer with whatever nominees he and the Republicans want to offer. But I absolutely support whatever measures it takes to right the wrong done by the current Senate leadership.

If the Republicans try to remove the filibuster from the Senate, they will be sealing their own doom and showing their hypocrisy for all to see. They cried and wailed and threatened when Democrats considered removing the filibuster to stop their obstructionism.

Unlike the many who refused to accept President Obama as our president. I will not refuse to accept President Trump. He has been elected. Republicans have the House and the Senate. We need to move forward.


    • I just watched the concession & acceptance speechesNews Junkie, Wed Nov 9 5:08pm
      Both were pretty good as one would expect from presidential candidates. I still think party politics is stupid. It divides and pits "us against them", this party against that. It wastes legislator... more
    • Well stated!Blather, Wed Nov 9 9:18am
      Hypocrisy seems to be the root of all evil. Few recognize they are that which they disdain. No matter the Israelis, the Republicans or Democrats, and friends of mine, none recognize their double... more
    • And, you will probably wiggle your way into ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 7:43am
      ... claiming that you predicted it. LOL What mock-heroic bullshit! Sounds more like your acceptance speech. Someone must have died and made you Drama Queen. BTW, there were no "great strides"... more
      • Response...Amadeus, Wed Nov 9 12:17pm
        And, you will probably wiggle your way into claiming that you predicted it. LOL What mock-heroic bullshit! Sounds more like your acceptance speech. Someone must have died and made you Drama Queen. I... more
        • Same old Hammer ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 8:00pm
          ... wrong on every score. None of this is correct: "Our economy is in a much better place. Our standing in the world has been restored somewhat after the damage done by Bush. We made great advances... more
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