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Yes, the MSM is eating crow. A lovely sight!
Wed Nov 9, 2016 7:41am

I suspected Trump would win. The MS polls were fraudulent. There were many indications Trump would win in the alternative news sites. Mostly these sites do not skewer reality. I went to bed fairly confident Trump would win. How many times has the Right elected a candidate ((Reagan comes to mind)) only to see these NWO captures attack more nations and send into Babylon undulating waves of refugee-victims of these for profit ill conceived invasions? If Trump is unable to shake off the usual advisors that push for false flags and war profiteering, and bring some sanity back to Pentagon accounting, he will be no great hope for any change whatsoever. His first order of business should be to toss the PDB fiction into the waste basket. And take back into the fold a greater percentage of WASP advisors and less advice from the Israeli-first connivers. He should do what JFK sought....American policy first and foremost for our national interest, and not first for Israel. That is how Babylon became quagmired into a non-sensical Middle East entrapment. I would hope he sees the 9-11 con for what it is, and seeks arrests and prosecutions of the perps involved. I doubt it but that would do much to regain our national credibility in the eyes of ourselves and the whole world.

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