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Yeah and cops are being executed while sitting in their cars
Wed Nov 9, 2016 7:44am (XFF:

Your selective angst is duly noted.

Difference is, President Trump will make it very clear that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should start packing their bags, and that Muslim immigrants will have to be 100% "vetted", but that LEGAL AMERICAN MUSLIM CITIZENS have every right to live here and be members of their communities.

President Moron Obama created an environment where cops are being shot, and HE hasn't said one damn word.

  • It Worked...Amadeus, Wed Nov 9 7:38am
    Welding hate to the base worked. Do you not think there will be consequences? Muslim kids were getting beat up before the election and told that they and their families would be deported. You think... more
    • None of your empty allegations are supported by factMondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 4:27pm
      The only "ugly events" are the dan thugs and hoodlums who supported Ol' Crooked Hil: Anger over Trump... more
    • Based on this electionJeeves, Wed Nov 9 10:30am
      " I don't think that those people make up a majority among us. I think we'll get past them. " Based in the election, they are about half of the voting population. The country seems to be split almost ... more
      • Pure binary thinking there... (nm)Sprout, Wed Nov 9 1:18pm
      • I Disagree...Amadeus, Wed Nov 9 12:21pm
        I think that those people took advantage of the Republican party that has taken advantage of them for decades. They leveraged Trump into being the nominee and then relied on the rest of the... more
        • "Party before nation"?Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 4:40pm
          What the hell do you think Ol' Crooked Hil, the DNC, "Aunt Jemima", and CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC/WaPo/NYT/LAT were doing? They swindled one of their own, Bernie Sanders. They did everything unethical... more
    • Yeah and cops are being executed while sitting in their cars — SES, Wed Nov 9 7:44am
      • Far More...Amadeus, Wed Nov 9 12:27pm
        ...unarmed minorities are being executed while running from cops. Both issues need to be addressed. Obama didn't create the environment at play here. It existed long before. Muslim immigrants are... more
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