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You will remain clueless.
Wed Nov 9, 2016 8:05am

First of all you skewer statistics. 1% you say? That is low balling reality. Second, you fail to understand that being Gay is not a choice for people born Gay. Of course your ilk want it to be a choice. And your choice is to force a return to the proverbial closet. If you can go Gay, then you might expect Gays to go hetero. Good luck, huh:-)). Marriage is a commitment and a stabilizing influence. And it is only just to allow same gender relationships, which are natural relationships given a fait accompli by way of birth, to enjoy the same benefits, and including legal rights enjoyed by heterosexuals, heterosexuals who have a current divorce rate of around 50%. I suppose you have some rationale to blame that too on Gays? If your vaunted Victorian family values means anything, your ilk would recognize Gays are not the problem. Rather, the advent of the Industrial Age beginning around 1750, the rise of mega cities, and the collapse of rural farming family and purposed cohesion are your real culprits. There has always been homosexuality, and yes down on the family farm, far more so than you would be willing to accept as the reality. Your ilk are responsible for how it was that so many many Gays of past decades were taught self-hatred, and self loathing and lack of self-esteem. You created the imbroglio by making it an issue where there ought to have been no issue. There really are natural born queers whether you like it or not. if you have grandchildren or are expecting more, I hope you don't put your ill-conceived bigotry onto anyone that just might be a queer. Why make lives miserable?

  • Disagree! If you are less than .01% of the populatoin ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 7:33am
    ... and you don't know where to pee, you are an "odd-type". I think we will live to see same-sex marriage as a fad and protest against convention rather than a real emotional and spiritual need, and... more
    • You will remain clueless. — Blather, Wed Nov 9 8:05am
      • Bigot? No. Just expressing my observations. I don't really care what the "odd-types" do as long as they don't shove it in my face, and there has been a lot of that in the past. You seem to be the one ... more
        • Okay, what has been shoved in your face?Blather, Thu Nov 10 5:57am
          Fair play? Equal access to employment? The right to marry? The right to expect Christians to be Christians?'s the bathroom issue. I remember growing up in apartheid Virginia way back... more
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