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Mondo Fuego™
Tell the person to ...
Wed Nov 9, 2016 4:05pm

... "get over it".

Paranoia is a treatable condition.

Millions of us got over BoZo's two-time election, and we survived the looming virtual holocaust of a possible win by Ol' Crooked Hil.

Your "friend" will get little to no sympathy here.

  • excuse me Mr. MondoTrish, Wed Nov 9 2:38pm
    but this person is grown up and has a job, but is devistated by the message of hate, prejudice etc. that Trump spread. His followers are more than happy to follow thru on his tendencies Ps I am not a ... more
    • Tell the person to ... — Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 4:05pm
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