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My take (you are free to disagree)
Wed Nov 9, 2016 9:29pm

Trump won for some very primitive and legitimate reasons:

- He is a man, and men generally lead. Not all men are good leaders, but it is the norm for men rather than women to lead, and always has been, since ancient history. His previous behavior w.r.t. women was attacked, but frankly when 93 percent of women expect men to initiate relations, that means to me that 93 percent of women accept the risk that some men might cross the line from time-to-time, but that doesn't mean Trump is some kind of deviant. To attack him for doing what men do, is an attack on all men, frankly. The fact that Trump was running against Clinton, a woman, really brought the "battle of the sexes" aspect out into the open. And I think women often lose that battle, more often than not, for the reasons I've stated. If Trump had been running against another man, the election might have turned out very differently.

- He takes risks and wins. It is not enough to merely take risks. Any idiot can take risks - there are countless Darwin Award candidates on YouTube. A "leader" takes risks and wins because he is able to discern which risks are worth taking and which are not, or at least gets it right more often than not. Trump, a billionaire, and a man with a wife and several children, seems to be one who gets it right, who wins. This is a trait characteristic of a leader.

- He is popular. He can entertain and has achieved good ratings. It can be argued that the most popular leader is the one who is able to unite the largest following. Since leaders take their cues from their followers, and followers from their leader, it can be surmised that Trump will be the most effective leader. That doesn't mean he is the best decision-maker, just the one who can more effectively persuade and hold the focus of the nation. Both Clinton and Trump scored almost equally in this respect.

Just as in previous elections the vote appears split very evenly among Democrats and Republicans. But I think that the Democrats neglected these very primitive aspects when attacking Trump, and that swung the opinions of enough people against them for Trump to win. I don't think that people should be afraid of Trump - he is a family man with a wife and kids, an extremely successful businessman, he is 70 years old with a lot of life experience and show a lot of restraint where younger men might not, and now he is going to be President of one of the most powerful countries on Earth. There is also a possibility that he might be able to work things out with Russia - I certainly don't want another Cold War!

It's a great day, and you should feel relieved that it is over. There is stability & certainty once again.

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