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NEITHER, and you didn't address ANY of my points and i doubt
Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:50am

you can. You wanted to know and I asked him. Actually, he makes no distinction between natural and supernatural because it is all part of God's Creation and HE KNOWS MORE THAN YOU! you need to UNDERSTAND, HE IS A DOCTOR, you are a pseudo scientist whose mind is sealed shut, you raise some fallacy that has NOTHING TO DO W/NDE etc. you have no idea what you are discussing and Poppet doesn't either. it's time you get educated, I DO! if I HEAR VOICES I'M NUTS, if I don't hear voices but get it by telepathy I'm ADDING TO THE PILE. NEITHER, VOICES COME FROM BODIES, AND SOULS don't either including mine. GET AN EDUCATION! and stop insulting brilliant doctors and nurses. A large part of the medical community is being insulted by you and I'm DISGUSTED BY IT! WE KNOW THE TRUTH you don't.

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