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It is not quite fair for a few hugely populated states to
Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:41am

be kingmaker. Located on both coasts, these handful of states dominate the huge majority of states that have less population. California's agendas are not representative of the vast middle section of the nation. It really comes down to Whites voting as a huge block. This election of a Trump might cause the NWO connivers to speed up their efforts to checkmate Putin before Trump is sworn in. They might take greater risks. That is where I see a real potential for catastrophe. Meanwhile I am enjoying the MSM looking like fools.

  • many of which are allocated by virtue of the illegal alien count. The rest of the 55 electoral votes are attributed mainly to libtards with IQs of less than 100. Ken and shadow are the only CA... more
    • It is not quite fair for a few hugely populated states to — Blather, Thu Nov 10 5:41am
      • When did dirt get the vote?HeavyHemi, Fri Nov 11 5:20pm
        • Huh?Blather, Sat Nov 12 5:54am
          Are you referring to the vast middle class as dirt? Read the statistics. Compare who and in what percentages of all ethnic groups voted for trump compared to Romney. 8% more Hispanics voted for... more
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