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And absolutely none of that occurred in this nation
Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:06am

before Trump threw his hat in the ring? NONE of that occurred when Clinton was in office?

Of course there are racists out there... and they behave I a racist manner. Who is in the white house has no bearing on that.

Yes, I agree that a Presidential election result should not leave people terrified and crying. But I can't help it if people are irrational and paranoid.

Should we change our entire political system to assuage the fears of the irrational and paranoid?

IMO if you actually look at Trump's behavior over the last few DECADES (and not just the sound bytes fed to you by the media during the campaign), you would realize that he is the man who forced racial INTEGRATION, not segregation in his businesses, over the OBJECTIONS of local politics.

IMO what has happened is that you have bought into the sound bytes and bought into the paranoia. And that credulity is what causes the crying, nothing else.

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