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So, in your mind every single Clinton voter is 100%
Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:09am

in support of her wall street dealings, and her parties primary shenanigans? Of course not...

You can see YOURSELF and YOUR fellow Clinton voters as high minded and voting for her IN SPITE of her flaws based on calm and rational decision making skills...

Yet, you just can't see that anyone POSSIBLY could vote for Trump WITHOUT being 100% in support of every single aspect of that candidate....

The flaw is in your inability to see this.

I suspect that MOST voters in fact went to the polls, held their nose, and voted for what they saw was the candidate SLIGHTLY less undesirable than the other candidate.

But I guess you just can't see that.

  • Nope, just counting the popular voteJeeves, Thu Nov 10 3:36am
    It's almost exactly equal.
    • So, in your mind every single Clinton voter is 100% — Sprout, Thu Nov 10 6:09am
      • Just going by my personal experienceJeeves, Thu Nov 10 7:01am
        Every Trump supporter I have talked with has been an enthusiastic supporter. I would estimate that about 2/3 or less of the Clinton supporters were actually enthusiastic about her. This is borne out... more
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