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It is the process by which a person becomes
Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:12am

a citizen of our nation... and a PART of that is actually coming here at some point in the process...

I think it is funny that you seem to believe this...

But I'll go with it... So, according to your standard the FEDERAL gov't should have no authority whatsoever to deny anyone entry into the nation, and all powers not assigned to the federal gov't rest with the states or the people respectively, then you MUST agree with Sheriff Joe Arpiao that the states SHOULD be enforcing immigration standards, or setting their own immigration standards and enforcing them? Really?

  • Do you know the definition of naturalization?Jeeves, Thu Nov 10 3:37am
    Because immigration and naturalization are not the same.
    • It is the process by which a person becomes — Sprout, Thu Nov 10 6:12am
      • addresses the control of immigration. It doesn't, directly. And, according to the conservative, originalist philosophy of Constitutional interpretation, we should have open borders. I am neither an... more
        • LOL.... Immigration and naturalization areSprout, Thu Nov 10 7:03am
          SUPPOSED to be one process. It is only a fantasy that tries to separate the two... If you are VISITING a nation, you are not immigrating, and therefore have no reason to seek citizenship. But if you... more
          • Of course they are relatedJeeves, Thu Nov 10 7:31am
            From the beginning of the nation, Congress imposed a probationary period which immigrants must live in the country before they become eligible to apply for citizenship. The probationary period has... more
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