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And it applies virtually worldwide IMO...
Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:35am

Those with the LEAST ability to support children in terms of available resources are the MOST likely to have larger numbers...

Those with the greatest ability to support children in terms of available resources are likely to have FEWER children.

It's the exact opposite of how it should be, but I don't think there is anything we can do about it without draconian measures that are realistically simply not feasible to apply.

To me, if I were world emperor, reproduction would require a license. We would develop a reliable and reversible sterilization procedure and it would be universally implemented at puberty. There would be no such thing as "accidental" reproduction. If a person wants to reproduce they have to INTENTIONALLY go to a doctor to get fertile. And before they can do that they would have to show that they have the ability and resources to raise and support a child. BOTH prospective partners would be part of the analysis and sign binding contracts BEFORE reproduction occurs that they agree to be fully responsible for the child.

Yes, there will always be a FEW cases where a couple with good planning and resources runs into unexpected difficulties and needs help from their society to make things work, but what we won't have is them having 5 or 6 kids NONE of which they can support. And what we won't have is entire society's around the world with FAR more bodies than they can afford to feed, clothe, and shelter.

  • Ain't gon'na happen spontaneously ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 9 7:08am
    ... the birthrate in muzzyland is astronomical ... it's part of their plot to take over.
    • And it applies virtually worldwide IMO... — Sprout, Thu Nov 10 6:35am
      • gradually overwhelm the intelligent, so I expect that, in a million years or so, our descendants will be swinging from the trees by their tails. Predicted appearance of Homo stupidius DFM
        • A sci-fi story from 1951Jeeves, Fri Nov 11 5:13am
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