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Let me put it this way....
Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:40am

When you arrive at a LAWFUL port of entry into a nation (not just the US), you are asked what your PURPOSE of that entry is....

Do you intent to just stay for a couple weeks of touristing? Are you here for a few days of business meetings?


Are you a refugee seeking TEMPORARY refuge from a threat until that threat is over and you are going to LEAVE at that point?


Are you planning on MOVING to that nation. IF this is the answer, THEN you are looking at entering the immigration AND naturalization process. Certainly how long that process takes varies greatly from nation to nation, and from case to case.

Yes, we do currently allow for permanent RESIDENCY... But again, let's go back to that document. Where in the CONSTITUTION is that a RIGHT? It isn't. It is merely part of our POLICY. Which the federal gov't IS authorized in the Constitution to create.

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