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All Take Note of Explanation of Ancedotal Evidence
Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:37am

Anecdotal evidence is evidence from anecdotes, i.e., evidence collected in a CASUAL OR INFORMAL MANNER and RELYING HEAVILY OR ENTIRELY ON PERSONAL Testimony. When compared to other types of evidence, anecdotal evidence is GENERALLY REGARDED AS LIMITED IN VALUE DUE TO A NUMBER OF POTENTIAL WEAKNESSES BUT MAY BE CONSIDERED WITH THE SCOPE OF SCIENTIFIC METHOD AS SOMEE ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE CAN BE BOTH EMPIRICAL AAND VERIFIABLE, e.g. in the use of case studies in medicine. Other anecdotal evidence, however, does not qualify as scientific evidence, because its nature prevents it from being investigated by the scientific method.

THUS, THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY NEGATIVELY TO NDE/FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC BECAUSE they are taken in such large numbers and proven by verifiable evidence and are in such large numbers, cherry picking is impossible. NOW, IF I WERE PROVEN WRONG, I WOULD CHANGE MY VIEW but for some reason those here are not willing to change their opinion.

To take other examples, medication effectiveness and side effects are by anecdotal evidence, often very small numbers and lying, error etc. is precluded by the large numbers of similar testimony. If the POSSIBILITY of lies, errors excluded evidence it would be a rule of false logic which it is NOT. SO, MY POINT IS ANALYTICAL EVIDENCE IS OFTEN PROBATIVE AS IT IS IN NDE/FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC. ALL NEED TO RECONSIDER THEIR BELIEEFS BECAUSE THEY ARE BASED ON TOTAL LACK OF EVIDENCE AND PROOFS AND REJECTING MOUNTAINS OF PROOFS WHICH I HAVE CITED TO PROVE GOD AND LIFE AFTER DEATH. "You are going the wrong way!" by rejecting evidence that is NOT ANECDOTAL because of the nature of the COLLECTION OF PROOFS and the vast number of doctors and nurses who testify to the VERIFICATION of the evidence, NOT JUST BECAUSE they are doctors and nurses but because of their EXPERIENCES AND if you want to reject their testimony DON'T GO TO THEM WHEN YOU ARE SICK!

I explained the symptoms of unconsciousness includes lack of clear memory, vision, thinking, auditory ability. BUT all of these things continue in INCREASED FORMS IN NDE/FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC.

  • Nor it necessarily true...Sprout, Thu Nov 10 6:42am
    It is nothing until it is PROVEN one way or another.
    • All Take Note of Explanation of Ancedotal Evidence — jb, Thu Nov 10 8:37am
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