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They PROVE MEDICINE and i tried to explain how NDE aren't
Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:45am

anecdotal evidence. They are collected carefully and verified in many cases and there are secondary evidences that prove them AND they are studied in many way. Anecdotal evidence has none of those things, they are just stories, often second hand. I explained unlike most unconscious people who lose all memory around the incident, Experiencers MAINTAIN ACUTE MEMORIES FOR DECADES in spite of being clinically dead when they occur. You CAN'T explain those things and they disqualify NDE from being anecdotal evidence several ways.

You did not explain how your latest logical failing applies to NDE, something about witness but I don't see any application to NDE making rules and not applying them to themselves. Not relevant. You need to stick to the subject. LIS, there are several people involved in reviving a patient normally and all the memories are similar and verify the patient's memory which is accurate and true.

I suspect you value your memory as I value my memory. One thing that distinguishes Spiritual Love from other love is it can be felt at aany moment and it GROWS. You need to learn from me and stop looking down on me and holding yourself as superior to all of us including doctors and nurses who work with these patients and I talk to by the DOZENS. All agree NDE are not natural. You need to talk to some people and ask them if they have had or know about these experiences. I ask many and many tell me yes and they recount the experience like the doctor who told me about a miracle he saw and another who had NDE patient.

STAY RELEVANT! stop changing the subject and try to come up with some REAL EXPLANATIONS for NDE/FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC. They are NOT lies or errors. They are too well studied and like I said, the doctors and nurses would know if they were not true and that would have ended the studies. I am running out of posts for the day.

  • Not FALSE, but invalid as evidence.DFM, Thu Nov 10 9:49am
    Anecdotes may be true or false, but they are NOT evidence in any case. If eyewitness Joe says that he saw the killer stab the victim with a knife [FALSE], yet the victim has gunshot wounds and no... more
    • I've tried over and over...Poppet, Fri Nov 11 4:23am get him to understand this basic point. I think I've reached the end of my latest little bit of engagement with him. The only value is for those who might actually think he's making valid... more
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    • They PROVE MEDICINE and i tried to explain how NDE aren't — jb, Thu Nov 10 10:45am
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