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They can use IVF to have kids, or just a defective condom
Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:55pm

I think that IVF should be banned. Not because lesbians use it, but because (1) women in general often abuse it, and (2) it often results in multiple births. There are many cases of women at an advanced age in their 60s or 70s, having kids via IVF. Those kids will be orphaned by the time they are teenagers. I think women over 47 should not have kids at all because their kid won't be 18 years old before they reach 65, and how can a woman on a pension support a kid?

There are also cases of younger women using IVF to have way more kids than normal. There was one case in the last few years about a woman who used IVF three times to have quadruplets, then triplets, then octuplets. This women had 15 kids, no job, was on welfare while simultaneously collecting child support from three different men, and she wanted to have more kids! WTF?

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    • They can use IVF to have kids, or just a defective condom — News Junkie, Thu Nov 10 1:55pm
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