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MAYBE you be wrong? I explained very carefully why
Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:26am

you are wrong. That is possible. Maybe you should reply to that instead of...also you have not addressed my question about the other fallacious argument DFM raised that appears to have nothing to do with NDE. I have tried to explain to you this is NOT A PHILOSOPHY BB. We don't go by philosophical definitions but DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS at best.

It is NOT a waste of time to DISCUSS. That is why we are here so why don't you discuss this?;article=1574448;title=Religion%20and%20Ethics%20BBS

  • I've tried over and over...Poppet, Fri Nov 11 4:23am get him to understand this basic point. I think I've reached the end of my latest little bit of engagement with him. The only value is for those who might actually think he's making valid... more
    • MAYBE you be wrong? I explained very carefully why — jb, Fri Nov 11 5:26am
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Religion and Ethics BBS