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Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:26pm

Logic is reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. Logic is defined in the field of philosophy as the study of valid reasoning. It is usually further divided into three subtypes of logical reasoning: inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning and abductive reasoning. Logic in general can be divided into Formal Logic, Informal Logic and Symbolic Logic and Mathematical Logic:


    • Good links.Poppet, Sat Nov 26 6:22am
      There is considerable confusion in some parts as to what logic is and is not . Your post adds considerable clarity to this matter.
      • defined word and MOST EVERYBODY USES IT, you philosophers don't have a MONOPOLY ON IT so get off your high horse and STOP looking DOWN YOUR NOSE AT ME.
        • Leave me alone.Poppet, Sat Nov 26 2:08pm
          Like all but one or two posters here, I have ZERO desire to further waste my time attempting to discuss matters of substance with you. It's proven time and time again to be pointless. You don't... more
          • What do I repeat? quote me if I repeat it over and over. What argument do I ignore? Are you lying? I have respect for your field but you don't have respect for my field, NOBODY DOES! I HAVE CON LAW,... more
            • You have my empathy.Blather, Mon Nov 28 6:41am
              What exactly is con law? And perhaps you could branch out into other topics other than always stuck on the para normal? Your range of interests does seem very narrow in scope. There is more to life... more
              • Thanks! You have mine!jb, Mon Nov 28 8:15am
                I actually have a wide variety of topics including nudity in public but people ignore that fact as it is contrary to their prejudices. Scroll down and see. I try to not to look in the mirror but look ... more
            • QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRADA! THUD!Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Nov 26 3:22pm
      • Religions and what they were. I think the first facts that came from philosophy and Religion. I think they were both prehistory.
      • a particular subset of philosophy, and as such, has a particular definition. The casual and often inappropriate use of it to represent some other definition is simply ignorance when that is claimed... more
      • There are many and not all conform to philosophy's definition. Why do you try to impose the philosophy definition? This is NOT a philosophy bb. So, that definition does not apply here. I don't see... more
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