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Why it's bad to stand in the middle of a freeway:
Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:18am

I live in Los Angeles, and I'm an impatient driver. It bothers me that people would deliberately block traffic in a city that already has bad traffic problems.

This shows dumb people walking on a freeway and one of them gets hit:

    • Can 100+ people stop the train in GTA VNews Junkie, Sat Nov 26 7:18pm
      Guess what happens!
    • In the long run, it is a self-limiting problem. I feel sorry for this girl and the rest of her immature friends. They are the pawns of the LEFTIST ideologues who incite them to such nonsense. I... more
    • It's almost always horribly counterproductive.Poppet, Sat Nov 26 10:10am
      I understand "raising awareness" of an issue...but when the method for doing so angers people, they're likely to take the opposite side. That's not particularly rational...but it's human nature.
    • Traffic blocking protesters run over:Ken C, Sat Nov 26 3:16am
      Finally some drivers get revenge and drive thru the evil traffic blockers: Police should do their jobs and arrest the traffic blockers, then frustrated drivers... more
    • " No arrests were reported."Ken C, Sat Nov 26 2:27am
      I think bad people should be arrested so they get put in jail and can't do more bad things.
    • Also they use the "F" word. (nm)Ken C, Sat Nov 26 2:20am
      • It's the usual Rent A Mob.Blather, Sat Nov 26 7:01am
        However, it's more difficult for police to create a riot on a busy freeway. Some of the protestors are foul mouthed scum and do a disservice to the cause they allegedly espouse.
        • Maybe, maybe notChristopher Blackwell, Sun Nov 27 12:02am
          Blather, Stereotyping is only for people too lazy to check things out. It is easy, and does not require that you ever learn what actually happened. Yes there are rent a mob, also criminals at will... more
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