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Mondo Fuego™
What a nice weekend ...
Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:42pm

... kick back and do nothing. We had 42 people for Thx Dinner, and it was a very nice occasion.

No "Black Friday" frenzy for me. People rush out and buy stuff they don't need. I already have stuff that I don't need. I have been guilty of falling for "deals", like buy 3 shirts and get 40% off. Prolly a dozen extra like-new Brooks Brothers shirts that I don't need, and which are going to GoodWill or AmVets. Other stuff in that category which needs to be re-purposed. I am working on reforming my "buy" impulse.

When you have too much stuff, it takes over your life, and you spend an inordinate amount of time keeping up with it all.

Paring down frees up time, space and money to use for other non-invasive things like travel and investments.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day.

    • to rush out to join a mob scene in order to elbow someone over a damned microwave oven or whatever is marked down to entice the riotous behaviors of low class personages. My taste is way beyond... more
    • Mine was interestingChristopher Blackwell, Sat Nov 26 11:26pm
      Mondo, As far as paring down,I learned that long ago when I gave up holiday spending almost fifty years ago. But that leaves books and other things important to me covered. I find I like having some... more
      • There Are Things That Bring Me Joy...Amadeus, Sun Nov 27 10:55pm
        Things I can buy are not the only, er, things that bring me joy, certainly. People do. Experiences do. But I will not deny that there are some things that I buy that also bring me joy. I have found... more
        • Do her a big favor and get her to a chess teacher.Quantafyre, Mon Nov 28 11:04am
          A great way to learn to form plans, stick to those plans and detect the possible plans of others.
        • Aren't you a little old to be playing "games"?Mondo Fuego, Sun Nov 27 11:51pm
          Aha! I now have more insight into your odd makeup.
          • Making people HAPPY makes me HAPPY!jb, Mon Nov 28 10:36am
            I like to tell people jokes or say funny things to people. Even saying hi and smiling and people makes them happy. I learned that when someone made me happy AND READING YOU KNOW WHAT. IT IS VERY... more
          • Mondoshadow, Mon Nov 28 8:21am
            How old to you have to be to quit playing games. Have you ever seen the old guys in the park playing chess, or the Italians playing bacci ball? I hope I never get too old to play games. You surprised ... more
          • I Enjoy Mental Challenges...Amadeus, Mon Nov 28 6:56am
            Games are an interactive form of entertainment that can actually make you smarter. I guess that when my brain can no longer make intuitive connections or take in new information, then I might be too... more
            • as possible turn off the TV in favor of social interaction - Cards Against Humanity being one of our favorites along with scrabble (with the dictionary of course).
            • You could also just ...Mondo Fuego, Mon Nov 28 11:42am
              ... take Prevagen, read good books, listen to good music, and go to the symphony and ballet. You would end up far sharper.
              • I Believe There Is A Difference Between...Amadeus, Mon Nov 28 9:37pm
                ...passive entertainment and interactive entertainment, with the advantages going to the interactive entertainment. However, I do also enjoy good books, music, and etc. Amadeus
                • You just said it: "I Believe" ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 29 1:55am
                  ... what you believe is part of who you are ... it is not part of the rest of us. You spend an inordinate amount of time trying to force your beliefs on others. I think I detect a bit of autism in... more
                  • Um...Amadeus, Tue Nov 29 7:02am
                    I never advocated forcing people to play games. Or forcing them to enjoy Black Friday. What the hell is wrong with you, Mondo? The "belief" part of my statement was a reference to conflicting... more
                    • Hey, it's not about games or black friday ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 29 7:59am
                      ... you try to force your weird beliefs in every category on everybody, like some back alley bully. You need to BACK OFF.
                      • As I Said...Amadeus, Tue Nov 29 8:47am
                        I push where the need is great, where harm is being done to others. Where and when I push, there is nothing back alley bully about it. I'm up front. I lay out the evidence, and I don't tolerate... more
                        • You are just f**king perfect, aren't you?Mondo Fuego, Tue Nov 29 9:54am
                          You said it: You "push" ... and push and push and push and push ad nauseum . You can't stand it if people don't buy into your perversions. You are just like bauer ... but far more pernicious. When... more
                          • Good Enough For Company...Amadeus, Tue Nov 29 1:09pm
                            I wouldn't say that I'm perfect, but I am always striving to improve. I'm "good enough for company." I used to be your standard, internet hothead. I was a real jerk. But there's always a bigger jerk... more
                            • I am not lying about your board ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 29 4:26pm
                              ... it failed miserably because you micromanaged it to death. FACT! Ask anyone on my board. The problem I see with you is that you are totally inflexible. You would defend muslims if they were... more
                              • Sure, I'll Correct You Again...Amadeus, Tue Nov 29 7:25pm
                                I am not lying about your board, it failed miserably because you micromanaged it to death. FACT! Ask anyone on my board. That's some funny stuff you posted there. First of all, plenty of people on... more
    • It's about having a great time withshadow, Sat Nov 26 4:32pm
      family and friends for us. We've done some downsizing and will probably be doing more for years to come. The kids are discovering things in the garage that they like, and wind up taking things home... more
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